NEIF operations and strategic groups

Operations group

The operations group manages the day-to-day operation of the Facility, monitors servicing provision, traces longer-term community needs, and works with the Strategy Group on prioritising activities, future developments, and innovation.

Committee members:

  • Dr Adele Gardner (Chair; British Geological Survey)
  • Dr Philippa Ascough (SUERC)
  • Dr Ian Bull (University of Bristol)
  • Dr Dan Condon (British Geological Survey)
  • Professor Melanie Leng (British Geological Survey)
  • Professor Darren Mark (SUERC)
  • Dr Gloria Dos Santos Pereira (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology)
  • Dr Rachel Wood (University of Oxford)

Strategy group

The strategy group has independent oversight of strategic direction, monitors access, usage, capacity, and output of the facility, and reviews existing and future interactions between NEIF and the research community. The Strategy Group are not involved in the project approval process but oversee the portfolio of funded applications and provide an expert qualitative narrative of NEIF progress and achievements to inform on the impacts of NERC investment into NEIF. The group is central to the governance of NEIF and members are independent of the Facility and represent the long-term interests of the user community. The Strategy Group comprises national and international experts from large laboratories and specialists in application areas covered by NEIF and reports to NERC.

Committee members:

  • Dr Laura Basell (University of Leicester)
  • Prof Ian Hall (Chair; Cardiff University)
  • Prof Gavin Foster (University of Southampton)
  • Prof Andy Henderson (Newcastle University)
  • Dr Rachel Jeffreys (University of Liverpool)
  • Dr Tamsin O'Connell (University of Cambridge)
  • Dr Dan Smith (University of Leicester)
  • Prof Jens-Arne Subke (University of Stirling)


  • Dr Adele Gardner (British Geological Survey)
  • Ms Natalie Graham (Secretary; SUERC)
  • Professor Melanie Leng (British Geological Survey)
  • Professor Darren Mark (SUERC)