NEIF reviewer group

The Reviewer Group comprises independent researchers with expertise covering a broad extent of NERC science remit who review applications and are directly involved in the project approval process. The reviewers are appointed by NERC to sit on one of three panels based on their specialisms.

Panel A – Radiocarbon

  • Prof Sarah Metcalfe (Chair; University of Nottingham)
  • Dr Steve Moreton (Secretary; SUERC)

Archaeology committee members:

  • Dr Adele Gardner (British Geological Survey)
  • Mr Thomas Booker (AHRC)
  • Prof Niall Sharples (Cardiff University)
  • Dr Laura Basell (University of Leicester)
  • Dr Selina Brace (Natural History Museum)
  • Dr Linda Fibiger (University of Edinburgh)
  • Prof Fraser Sturt (University of Southampton)
  • Prof Stephen Rippon (University of Exeter)

Environment committee members

  • Prof Iain Hartley (University of Exeter)
  • Prof Jerry Lloyd (Durham University)
  • Prof Chris Evans (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology)
  • Prof Nicki Whitehouse (Plymouth University)
  • Prof Daren Gooddy (British Geological Survey)
  • Prof Graeme Swindles (Queen’s University Belfast)
  • Dr Sarah Davies (University of Aberystwyth)


  • Prof Tom Higham (University of Oxford)
  • Prof Christopher B. Ramsey (University of Oxford)
  • Dr Emma Henderson (University of Oxford)
  • Prof Daren Mark (SUERC)
  • Dr Philippa Ascough (SUERC)

Panel B – Life sciences

  • Dr Rachel Jeffreys (Chair; University of Liverpool)
  • Dr Rona McGill (Secretary; SUERC)
  • Prof Oliver Craig (University of York)
  • Dr Sabine Lengger (University of Plymouth)
  • Dr Daniel Mayor (National Oceanography Centre)
  • Prof Nick Ostle (Lancaster University)
  • Dr Lorna Streeet (University of Edinburgh)
  • Dr Stephen Votier (University of Exeter)


  • Dr Ian Bull (University of Bristol)
  • Dr Glória dos Santos Pereira (Lancaster University)
  • Dr Adele Gardner (British Geological Survey)
  • Dr Jason Newton (SUERC)
  • Dr David X. Soto (Lancaster University)

Panel C – Geology & environment

  • Dr Andrew Henderson (Chair; University of Newcastle)
  • Dr Diana Sahy (Secretary; British Geological Survey)
  • Dr David Chew (University of Dublin)
  • Dr Bethan Davies (Royal Holloway, University of London)
  • Dr Rachel Smedley (University of Liverpool)
  • Dr Peter Vermeesch (University College London)
  • Dr Peter Wynn (Lancaster University)


  • Dr Dan Barfod (SUERC)
  • Prof Adrian Boyce (SUERC)
  • Dr Dan Condon (British Geological Survey)
  • Dr Derek Fabel (SUERC)
  • Dr Adele Gardner (British Geological Survey)
  • Prof Melanie Leng (British Geological Survey)