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Stable isotopes and organic compounds

  • Prof Melanie Leng (BGS) Stable isotope analysis (C, H ,N ,O ,S ,Si) in a full range of geological materials from gases to rocks and minerals formed in recent to deep time across palaeoclimate, environmental change, pollution tracing, the Anthropocene, and archaeology research
  • Dr Jason Newton (SUERC) Stable isotope analysis (C, N, S, H, O) of animal tissues
  • Prof Adrian Boyce (SUERC) High-temperature isotope (S, O, H) tracers in mineral research
  • Dr M. Gl√≥ria dos Santos Pereira (UKCEH) stable isotopes in contemporary terrestrial and hydrological systems
  • Dr Ian Bull (University of Bristol) compound-specific organic and stable isotope analyses in atmospheric gases to high molecular weight biological and geological polymers

Radiogenic isotopes

  • Dr Dan Condon (BGS) High precision and high-spatial resolution geochronology for a range of decay schemes (e.g. U-Pb, Th-Pb, U-Th, Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, Lu-Hf). High-precision, high spatial resolution, and high throughput tracer isotopes (C, O, H, N, S, Si, Pb, Nd, Hf, Pb, U)
  • Prof Darren Mark (SUERC) High-precision geochronology (Ar/Ar)
  • Dr Derek Fabel (SUERC) Cosmogenic isotope dating (10Be, 26Al, 36Cl)
  • Prof Tom Higham (University of Oxford) Radiocarbon dating and archaeology
  • Dr Philippa Ascough (SUERC) Radiocarbon dating and stable isotopes in environmental systems